Employee Payroll Service Center

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Welcome to the NOVIDEA Healthcare Employee Website. This platform provides easy and secure access to your personal payroll data, such as check stubs, earnings records, W-2’s, vacation/sick balance, home address and direct deposit information.

The Employee Website is available to you because your company has established a co-employment relationship with Novidea Healthcare. Follow the instructions below to login to our system.

Employee Website Instructions

  • For initial sign-in:
    • You will receive a welcome email once you have been entered into the payroll system. Click the link in the email to setup your username, password, and pin. You will need to validate your Birth Month, Birth Year, and Last Four of your SSN to complete this process.
  • Accessing W-2 Forms and Pay Stubs:
    • Go to the Employee menu option then select W-2 Form or Pay Stubs.
      • For W-2 Forms, select the applicable year or all, click search. Once the W-2 forms are displayed, you can select multiples and generate a bulk PDF.
      • For Pay Stubs, enter the dates for which you are searching, click search. Once the pay stubs are displayed, you can select multiples and generate a bulk PDF.
  • Accessing Paid Time Off (PTO) Information:
    • Click PTO (Paid Time Off) from the left side menu.
    • Paid Time Off information will show based on the type of policy it is (i.e. Vacation, Sick, or PTO).
  • Changing Direct Deposit Information:
    • Go to the My Details section.
    • Go to "Banking Details." Click the eye icon to change an existing direct deposit.